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If You Want To Build Woodworking Projects Quickly & Easily  Then Please Pay Attention


Ted Mcgrath

Professional Woodworker, Educator, Member of AWI

Here’s the BIG problem: Most plans and woodworking magazines are complete garbage.

Why? They skip over many important parts, their diagrams are confusing, unclear, or even wrong and they often skip important parts. No wonder woodworking seemed so hard!

The truth is, you spent a ton of time looking online and reading magazines. Most of them just left you with more questions than answers.

The Faster & Easier Way To Woodworking!


**  16,000 Step By Step Woodworking Plans

This package contains designs that is covered from head to toe. From step-by-step instructions and easy to follow guides. These easy-to-understand plans will make woodworking a breeze!

** Comes With Blueprints & Materials List

Forget those expensive DIY wood plans. Listen, no other woodworking package in the market is as comprehensive as this and this was one of the major reasons I created this. Everything you need to know from blueprints and materials list is incredibly detailed….

**  Your Skill Level Doesn’t Matter!

My custom woodworking blueprints are designed to get the job done quickly, inexpensively and with professional results EVERY TIME. You don’t have to be a carpenter or joiner to build beautiful woodworking projects

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TedsWoodworking has proven itself to thousands of happy customers and provides Iron-Clad Guarantee.


Wine Making



Over the last 20 years, Mike’s eBooks, videos, and seminars have shown thousands of people world wide how to make top quality wine at home using simple equipment and ingredients.

And – you can get started in the next 6 minutes!


Like many wine makers before you, you could spend thousands of dollars on how-to guides, chemicals, equipment, fruits, juices, grapes..

If you are truly ready to make real home-made wine, want it to be drinkable, want it to be appreciated by friends and family, want it to be award-winning…

You’re going to need a real, no-holds-barred Wine Making Book – written in plain English, and outlining every step you need to take to make the most amazing bottles of wine your palate has ever had the pleasure of savoring…

You need a Complete Home Winemaker’s Guide  that’s step…by…step…



The Complete Illustrated Guide to Homemade Wine describes and illustrates the simple step-by-step procedures for making perfect home-made wine. The best part is the guide is written in plain English without all the technical terms – written just like what you’re reading here – so it’s easy to understand and follow!


Take a look at just some of what you’re going to discover inside the Complete Illustrated Guide to Homemade Wine …

**  How you can start your first batch almost immediately

**  The 4-step formula for successful winemaking at home

**  7 reasons people fail plus a complete Troubleshooting section

**  How to create an irresistible aroma

**  How to use additives that will boost your wines flavor

**  The science of aging wines

**  How the right amount of sugar can boost your flavor

**  How to force every batch you make to be PERFECT

**  The key differences between grapes and juices

** 41 magic “goodies” that will help every batch you make taste amazing

** Not to mention over 150 recipes for award-winning wines!